5 Gallon 1.6 HP Quiet High Pressure Oil-Free Portable Air Compressor

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The Estwing® E5GCOMP 5 Gallon 1.6 HP Quiet High Pressure Oil-Free Portable Air Compressor boasts one of the quietest compressor motors on the market plus superior, high-quality performance. The 180 max PSI 5 gallon tank provides 50% more usable air than comparable compressors and delivers enough airflow to power multiple tools at once. With 3,000+ hours of continuous run-time (outlasting value priced compressor life cycles by 10x), the oil free 4 pole motor delivers extended maintenance free operation so you can tackle any construction, flooring, finish, or framing projects with ease. Running at just 68 dba @ 5ft, this compressor is ideal for professional contractors working in enclosed spaces, residential areas, or for finishing late night projects at home. The two stage, 1.6 HP (peak 2.5 HP) electric motor delivers 3.8 SCFM @ 90 PSI, and provides full operating capacity with an extended operating range of 100+ feet when using 10 to 12 gauge extension cords. To avoid tripping breakers during start up, the compressor has a low starting draw of 10 amps and operates up to a peak of 15 amps. The tank fills from 0 – 180 PSI in under two minutes and cuts in at 135 PSI to maintain consistent air flow, allowing tools to operate tools at peak performance. Two pressure gauges feature an oil-filled design to mitigate the effects of vibration or cold weather, provide high-accuracy pressure measurements in any work environment. Set your desired PSI output with the pressure regulator, connect using either Milton’s T-style automotive or M-style industrial fittings with the two universal quick connect brass couplers, and quickly drain the tank after use with the 1/4 turn ball drain valve. The compressor also features a steel roll cage and control panel to protect against job site damage, a built-in power cord wrap, over current protection, anti-vibration rubber feet, a replaceable air filter, and an ergonomically designed handle. The 5 Gallon 1.6 HP Quiet High Pressure Oil-Free Portable Air Compressor is designed with the highest quality standards and is covered by Estwing®’s 5 Year Professional Tool Warranty and 1 Year Limited Parts Warranty.

Net Weight

77 lbs


20.5" x 18.5" x 17.5"

Tank Size

5 Gallons

Air Delivery

3.8 SCFM @ 90 PSI

Cut-In Pressure

135 PSI

Cut-Out Pressure

180 PSI

Running Horsepower

1.6 HP


120 V / 60 Hz / 10 A

Tank Fill-Up Time

1.9 Minutes

Decibel Rating

68 dBA @ 5 FT


  • 5 gallon tank and 180 max PSI provides 50% more usable air than comparable 150 PSI air compressors for longer air tool run time and reduced cycling frequency
  • Oil-free 4 pole electric motor provides extended maintenance-free operation with superior 3,000+ hour performance
  • Operates at only 68 dba making it one of the quietest air compressors on the market
  • 1.6 HP motor has a low amp draw so you can avoid tripped breakers and easily run on extension cords
  • Features two oil-filled analog pressure gauges for high-accuracy measurements and two brass universal push-to-connect quick couplers


  • Power source for pneumatic tools
  • Inflation
  • Commerical / work site / DIY applications